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Antibiotic guidelines
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Management of infections, antibiotics, antibacterials, PHE, Infective endocarditis, infections, urinary tract infections, UTI, antibiotic TARGET toolkit, respiratory tract infections, RTI
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02 September 2020

All local Trusts are using the microguide app to host their antimicrobial guidelines.

Visit this link and search for the Trust using the "Search" box at the top, right of the screen

Documents and links for Primary Care antibiotic guidelines can be found at the bottom of this page

05 December 2018

Following the combination of the Public Health England (PHE) guidance with NICE guidance, the APC agreed to adopt the ‘NICE/PHE Summary of antimicrobial prescribing guidance-managing common infections’ without alteration - see link below to the "Antibiotic Guidelines - Public Health/NICE Summary tables" for the most up to date guidance.

This guidance can also be accessed via 'TARGET Toolkit' (web links below).
The "Antibiotic Signposting" document for the list of CCGs adopting the guidance together with local Microbiology and out of hours contact details has been updated (September 2019) to reflect the adoption of the NICE/PHE combined guidance (please see below).

02 September 2015
The MCG supports the use of the TARGET Antibiotics Toolkit which aims to help influence prescribers’ and patients’ personal attitudes, social norms and perceived barriers to optimal antibiotic prescribing. It includes a range of resources (including the antibiotic leaflet for patient consultation below)


Supplementary documents (CCG specific documents)

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NW Surrey CCG
Guidelines (Local)
Friday, January 1, 2021
Surrey Downs CCG
Guidelines (Local)
Sunday, November 1, 2020


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